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As if the first day of school wasn’t emotionally challenging enough for me, we received some major house news.

Our house had been on the market for 3 weeks and I knew once school started traffic would slow WAY down.  I was excited about not keeping the house clean for a few weeks and figured we would find a buyer eventually.

I always try to do a fun back to school dinner on the first day of school.  The kids requested homemade pizza, so as I’m in the middle of making dough and preparing toppings I get a phone call.  A lady wanted to come see the house and could come in 20 minutes.  Luckily Dave was home and he and I ran around crazy getting the house ready.  She came and brought her sister.  They walked through.  Her sister said she loved it.  She talked #’s with Dave and they left.  30 minutes later she called and said she wanted to bring an offer.

Just when I thought the showings were going to slow down, we ended up selling on the first day of school!!  They are a great family!  She loves the house, which makes me feel good, and they will be a perfect addition to the neighborhood.

So, I was excited about that stress being eliminated from our lives, but spent the next 4 days very emotional.  I guess I thought I was more open to change than I really am – however, this is a pretty huge change so I think it’s normal and healthy to be unsure, scared, sad, and worried.  Of course, I’m also pretty stinking excited!!  I love our new house and know it is where our family is supposed to be.

It’s all working out.  Moving day is mid-October so we have lots of time (way too much) to get this house packed up and let the adventure begin.


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