« good-bye summer «


It’s Labor Day which means Summer is officially over :-(.  Of course it felt like Summer ended last week because SCHOOL STARTED!!  YAY!  Oh boy, was I ready for a break from the kiddos.  But this year the start of school didn’t come without much anxiety and nervousness (mostly by me).  All three kids are/will be in brand new schools (Audra starts at a new preschool this coming week).

Conner started 6th grade in the Spectrum Program (AKA Advanced learning) at an elementary school about 10 minutes away.  He is absolutely LOVING it, LOVING it!  He comes home every day so happy and full of boring great things to tell me :).  He was lucky enough to already know some kids, but has made more friends.  He even gets to see his best little friend at recess (he moved this summer right by the school), so he’s happy.  My biggest stress with him is carpool.  Kind of a pain to drive that far to take him, but with 2 other moms helping it’s not so bad.  And my favorite thing about this new class is that they are all on his level – the conversations in the car are hilarious.  They are not your normal 11 year old conversations; no, they are trying to figure things out and discussing real issues.  It’s fun to be a part of that.

Logan started 1st grade at a brand new school as well.  We took a giant leap of faith with that one.  We enrolled him in the school that our new house is in the boundaries of.  I figured it would be best for him to start there and then if things didn’t work out and I had to pull him out and put him back in the elementary we are familiar with it would be easier.  This new elementary doesn’t do a back to school night, they do a back to school morning (two thumbs down, btw).  On the first day of school we all pile into the school together; take the kids to their classes; and then the parents meet back for a PTA meeting; then when the kids are at recess we get to meet the teachers.  Logan wasn’t nervous at all.  He walked into his classroom, found his desk and starting coloring the picture set out for him.  Now me, on the other hand.  Oh boy was I a wreck.  As I sat there surrounded by people I didn’t know (literally, not a soul), I began to think we had made the biggest mistake – that we should take down our sign and just get back to comfortable life!!  That whole first day I was an emotional wreck.  I was so worried about the kids, mostly Logan, and couldn’t wait to pick them up to hear how the day went.  Everyone had a great day!  Logan found friends to play with and loved eating lunch at school.  He had a great week, so I guess I can breathe easier.


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