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Dave and I have taken the kids to all the temple open houses there have been locally.  The last one was before Eli so it has been awhile.  We were excited to see the newly remodeled Ogden Temple and to take the children.  We obtained our tickets and then some important work thing came up and Dave couldn’t come with us – boo.

Turns out our scheduled time was a very, very busy time!  It felt like a factory – just people being moved along.  I really wanted to explain things to the kids, so I kept pulling them off to the side.  Obviously Conner had the greatest understanding of what I was telling them, but Audra did say she could feel the spirit.  She also really liked the princess room (AKA the Celestial room with all the sparkly chandeliers).  Conner couldn’t believe how ugly the temple was before (his words, not mine).  It was a great start to our day, and a highlight of our week.

Another highlight of this week was during Conner’s back to school night on Thursday.  I had no idea attending that event would turn out to be an answer to my prayers.  To summarize the situation: this school year, Conner is attending an elementary school about 10 minutes away to participate in the Spectrum program.  That means he needs to be driven to and from everyday.  Thankfully there is another family in our neighborhood who have a son who also attends, so we had arranged a carpool.  With this impending move, Logan needed to change elementary schools.  Once we move he will be able to walk to and from school, but in the meantime I also need to be driving him to and from (carpool is not an option as our current neighborhood is in a different school boundary). On top of his transportation, I am just worried about him in general – in starting a new school where he knows no one.   I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get everyone where they needed to be at the EXACT same time.  And then I was worried that once we move my Conner carpool wouldn’t still work.  So much silly stress, but it was a stress in my life nonetheless.

Enter back to school night.  Conner’s teacher asked if everyone had a carpool (this program accepts students from Bountiful-Farmington) and one mom said she lived in Farmington and was looking.  I couldn’t believe there was someone else from Farmington.  After the meeting her and I got together and we discovered she lives like a block from me and would love to join our carpool.  I explained to her my new dilemma with Logan and his new school.  Turns out she also has a son in first grade and not only that, he is in Logan’s class!!  We’ve arranged to have Logan meet at their house where Logan will walk/ride bikes to school with this boy and his older sister.  I was almost in tears.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I also mentioned that we would be moving to both the new mom and the mom I already had a carpool with – neither of them have a problem with it – they still want to carpool.  I literally felt burdens being thrown off my back.  Heavenly Father really is aware of us!!  No matter how small the problem may be, He is aware.

This is just solidifying that this move is really meant to be.  Dave and I have felt very strongly that this is the right thing for our family from the beginning, but I have had some serious doubts in the meantime.  Because of these doubts (and the fact that our house hasn’t sold yet) I decided I needed to fast last Sunday.  When I told Dave, he joined me.  After church he and I had some tales to exchange included e some VERY direct and clear confirmations.  I hadn’t felt that peaceful and light about this decision for a while so it was a great reminder that we are moving in the right direction.  I can’t begin to imagine a life without the guidance from my Father in Heaven.  It is such a light in my life and literally is the force that propels me forward.

After these two experiences I know that we just need to remain faithful and our home will sell.  I know we are doing the right thing for our family!



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