« the end «

School starts in 2 days – YAY!  No, I really will miss the kids, and the lazy days, and going & doing fun stuff.  But man am I ready for a schedule and having a bit of time to myself.

As soon as we put our house up for sale, I knew our summer was essentially over and that made me sad.  I was looking forward to those last few weeks of summer.  I think we managed to salvage them – between cleaning the house and showings we were able to get out and do quite a bit.

We started with an afternoon outing to the duck park – a family favorite.  What’s better than a stellar playground, lunch from in-n-out, riding bikes & scooters and feeding ducks?  We all had fun!  And our visit wouldn’t be complete without pictures on our favorite tree!
IMG_4849And of course our summer wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Davis County Fair.  Dave was on a business trip,  so we missed him.  This year the petting zoo was bigger and Audra’s favorite.  She probably could have stayed in there for days.  Eli liked the idea of it – he acted excited about petting the goats, sheep, donkeys, tortoise, until they got near him – then he just started screaming.  Our favorite was the elephant show we watched.  Definitely a fun night out.
fair collage

I had been wanting to hit up the brand new Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point all Summer, but knew it was just going to be overly crowded.  Also the price is steep, so I was holding out for a deal.  Who knew that deal would come from none other than our favorite:  Adobe.  They have a pass that gets Dave’s family into Thanksgiving Point at no cost.  NO COST! I knew we couldn’t pass that up, so we went.  We had enough time to visit the Museum of Ancient Life and the new museum!  Conner got to bring a friend because I always feel bad that he’s stuck doing little kid stuff.  All the kids were so well behaved and had a great time!  Plus Dave got to join us towards the end.  Definitely worth it!  And we can’t wait to go back again.

curiosityDespite the fact that this summer wasn’t full of family vacations, it was full of family fun!  I am happy of all we did together.  I am glad I made outings a priority and hope the kids feel it was a fabulous summer!


One thought on “« the end «

  1. Missed our nearly weekly FaceTime so I got a fix on your blog. Love all the pictures. May I say (without prejudice) Conner is extremely good looking! That is not to slight the other three who are gorgeous in their own right. Thanks for such wonderful grand children.

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