« hair-raising «

Today marks quite an accomplishment in my life.  As of today, I have officially not straightened my hair for 6 months.  6 months!!  Actually not a long time compared to the 20+ years I’ve spent blow-drying my natural curl straight, but I did it!  I committed to it and held strong.  There were days I absolutely hated the curl and wanted straight hair SO bad, there were days when I thought “okay, I could do this and like it,” there were days when I was grateful for the curl – like when it was raining, and there were days I was proud of myself for setting a good example to my daughter who is the next generation of natural curl.

I was a little nervous about blowing it straight again.  Deciding to embrace my natural curl actually meant quite a change  – in products, method, daily routine, hair cutting, etc.  My hair has gotten so healthy in these 6 months that I was scared I was going to damage it.  I also wasn’t sure how it would look since I’ve been getting my hair cut dry while curly to wear curly.  Glad I took the plunge – now I know I can maybe enjoy it both ways!


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