« the weekend «

A week ago our lives were mucho different than they are now.  A week ago we weren’t under contract on a new house.  A week ago, we didn’t have a FOR SALE sign in front of our house.  Oh my…..what a week!

So our lives are a little bit unsettled right now.  It’s all good, we’re exercising some faith that all will work out as it should in a somewhat timely manner.

Because of this unsettledness (is that a word?) I really felt like we needed one last “Hoorrah” before Summer ends and before our lives get even more crazy/busy/unsettled/messy – you know all that good stuff that comes along with moving.  It was weird, we had nothing scheduled for today.  It is rare that we have a Saturday that is just void of activities or needs.  Sure, we could have spent some time cleaning out the garage, or other getting ready to move activities, but I really felt an outting was more important.  We weren’t really sure what we should do.  We packed a lunch, jumped in the car and headed up the mountains to Snowbird.  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones.  Turns out it was the Tour of Utah bike race so we actually got trapped up the canyon while they closed the road.  We had a lovely afternoon.  We weren’t able to ride the tram to the top like Logan wanted to because of weather.  But we rode the Alpine Slide, did some bounce houses and just walked around.  We even got to be present at the finish line of the race and saw the winners cross – awesome!  It was a much needed day together!!

The weekend started with finishing up swimming lessons.  Logan has come a long way and is such a great swimmer!!  He’s super good at breast stroke.

Audra finished cheer camp which she loved!  And their little performance was adorable!

Dave and I had the opportunity of cleaning the Bountiful Temple late Friday night.  Next time you’re in the Celestial room, please admire the large window – we worked tirelessly to get it shiny and bright :-).  It was so fun to be there helping, but kind of depressing to be cleaning stuff that isn’t dirty – how does that place stay so clean?

It’s been a good weekend and a good week!  Even though this isn’t exactly a life-threatening decision we have made, it has been very comforting to feel the spirit guiding Dave and I, and to feel the peace that has come to us and our children.  I am so grateful for this guidance.


One thought on “« the weekend «

  1. Where are you guys moving? Just this week I have been shocked to hear so many friends are moving and so quickly. Pretty crazy how things happen:)

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