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Just a little over 3 weeks until school starts.  YAY!!
As excited as I am to be back on a schedule and have a little free time to myself, I think I’m going to miss the laziness of Summer.  There won’t be a lot of this – the boys all playing together in my bed.

There will also be less bugging, whining about jobs, toys everywhere, cups on the counter, bare feet, playing with friends all day, getting yummy summer treats, having very few responsibilities, and spending lots of uninterrupted time together.

I also know that in a few months I’ll be longing for summer again.  I’ll be tired of the constant carpooling, homework, projects, bedtimes, and reminding.  And such is life – we always long for what we don’t have :-).  It’s been a fun summer and I’ve really enjoyed all the time together with my kiddos.


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