« bounce back «

The first time we went to Lagoon not only did we get in for a screaming deal, we were able to validate our ticket to bounce back for yet another screaming good deal.  We had to use this ticket within 10 days, so Dave reviewed his calendar and found a day he could take off to join us.  Turns out that day also had rain forecasted, but that wasn’t going to stop us.  We packed some rain jackets and headed off.  Turned out to be a fantastic day!! No crowds and we weren’t sweating to death, and it only rained off and on a little bit.

Dave and Conner were able to go off and ride the “big” rides, while the kids and I walked on all the kiddy rides.  We rarely waited in line and sometimes were the only ones on the ride.

At this point in time The Bat is Audra’s favorite ride (and technically she’s not tall enough to ride it, some employees were more strict about that than others).  Logan loves the SkyRide (the slow ride that takes you from one side of the park to the other) as well as the Jumping Dragon (we went on that probably 15 times).  Eli is obsessed with the train (choo-choo).  And Conner claims he really, really like The Rocket, Blastoff (which he said he would never ride).
We all had fun together!  And I’m glad there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Made me realize how my little family is growing up.


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