« the great out of doors «

Even though Dave and I declared no more camping with 4 kids, that doesn’t mean we’re completely ruling out all camping.

Last weekend Dave took the three older kids along with Grandpa T, and the other dads & cousins to Smiths Lakes.  Apparently, it’s a hidden gem that is super close by.  They had a great time swimming in the lake, shooting many guns, climbing all the rocks, and just being outside.  I’m glad they were able to go because the kids love camping, especially with Dave.


I wasn’t sad to have some alone time with Eli.  I had forgotten how easy it is to just have one kid…..seriously, anyone who just has one kid and thinks their life is hard or complicated, oh boy you have no idea.  I loved snuggling with him, only having to feed him, the fact that he wasn’t screaming because no siblings were bugging him, and how we slept in Saturday morning and enjoyed some leisurely time together.  Friday night I was pretty worn out from my long run that morning and I wasn’t sure I was going to have enough energy to entertain him until bedtime.  He actually came up to me and pointed at the garage door and said “buh-bye.”  I asked him if he wanted to go shopping and he quickly agreed . . . . so off we went.  We found a few treasures and then headed home.  As we were driving home, he pointed out the car window and said, “nummy.”  I asked him if he wanted to get a treat with mommy, of course he quickly agreed.  He and I split a mini Blizzard – it was adorable!

This weekend is Conner’s first overnight backpacking campout as an 11-year-old scout.  Dave has been waiting a long time for Conner to join him on these campouts and he was pretty excited!  I’m sure they’re having a fabulous time and am hoping Conner won’t be too sore from carrying his pack on the hike!


We’ll still get out and enjoy the great out of doors because there are some great places to explore, but just not all together for a few years.


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