« the 24th «

The 24th of July has always been a special day for me.  I love that we get to celebrate our nation and our state within 3 weeks of each other.  Plus I love the traditions that have been set in place by my family.  This year, as we sat in our usual spot at Mueller Park Junior High watching the best fireworks show in the world I couldn’t help realizing that I was my kids ages watching those same fireworks.  We’ve come full circle and I’m sure they’ll remember those same traditions!!

The fireworks were actually on the 23rd so I got to celebrate a day early – thank goodness because my 24th was spent at the church putting on a luncheon for a funeral.

This  definitely shaped up to be a “fun” week of Summer.  We started at Lagoon, celebrated the 24th, and were lucky enough to be invited to watch our neighbors pool while they were out of town (that basically means we went swimming almost every day).  We’re really getting in the groove of having fun and at the same time can’t wait to get back on a schedule.


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