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We live 3 minutes from Lagoon and yet I try to avoid that place.  It’s super over-priced and let’s just say, doesn’t attract the most upstanding citizens :-).  But when your sister’s mother-in-laws sister-in-law (follow that?) can get you in for a few bucks, you jump on the chance.  It’s all-day Summer entertainment if nothing else.  I was sort of dreading the day and figured we’d stay for a few hours and then come home.  Conner was able to bring a friend so I let them run off and do “big boy” stuff while I entertained the little ones.  During our 9 hours at Lagoon (yes a few hours turned into all day – we even stayed long enough that Dave joined us after work) I learned:
– Audra is braver than Logan
– Eli LOVES, LOVES rides and has no fear – his favorite ride is the stupid (but not crowded) whale ride
– Logan is the sweetest brother always looking out for Eli and wanting to ride with him

Turned out to be a better day than I thought, so much so that we will be bouncing back next week.



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