« eli’s summer «

One day a magical thing happened:  the boys were at piano and Audra at a friends which left me alone with just Eli for an hour.  That’s unheard of these days :-).  I was on the phone and he stole my cell phone out of my pocket.  Later that day I found about a hundred of these:


That night I went out with some really good friends for a treat and to catch up!  Love these ladies and feel blessed to be part of the “A Team.”  The next morning I found this email from Dave.  It was titled “Cute Things that Happened Tonight.” I loved reading it because it basically sums up my life right now:

The cutest thing was Eli. A little while after you left he and I were playing in the garage and he verbalized and pointed that he wanted to go inside, so we did. I wanted to get my work stuff done quickly so I would be done before you got home, so I sat on the couch with my laptop. Eli came over with the ipad and stood next to where I was sitting. Then he tried to climb up, so I helped him, but then he just laid there and let me tickle him. it was super cute. After a little of that I went back to work, and he went back to the ipad. Then the cutest thing happened. He leaned back against my arm and just played for like 15 minutes. My heart just melted. 

Other cute things: 

Logan came home asking for “duck tape” so he could finish constructing a bow. He was very specific about the size of the pieces. Never saw this bow. 

Audra declared emphatically that she was going to play with her new friends. 

Conner and crew imitating the way Hobbes walks on the grass. 



And for the record, here is the bow Logan created all by himself (okay maybe Conner helped a little).  Very creative!



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