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Many years ago our dear, dear friends started a great tradition.  One day every Summer they would have a “kids sale.” Basically their kids would gather little toys and stuff they didn’t want and they would sell them.  My kids always looked forward to this day because their kids are older than ours so they always seemed to have stuff my kids wanted.  Plus it was always super cheap.  Then they went and moved away . . . . .

A few weeks ago I’m not sure what happened, but I started a project that I wasn’t planning on:  organizing my basement.  This led to a lot of rearranging of other rooms in the house.  It also led to my desire of wanting to get rid of everything toy related.  Since I knew that wasn’t going to happen (not for a few more years), I was able to convince the kids to go through all their toys and pick those they didn’t really play with or need anymore.  I told them we could have a kids sale of our own and they could use the money they earned to buy more Pokemon :-).  They were excited and really got into sorting and organizing their toys.  That was actually a really fun afternoon.  We were all together working on a project together.  We got everything gathered and sorted by type and then decided on prices.

Then we just had to pick a day for our sale and work out the details.  We watched the weather and decided Tuesday of this week would be the best (no rain or wind forecasted).  We spent all day Monday making cookies, buying soda, delivering fliers, organizing a bit more and getting excited for the next day.  The next day which happened to be 99˚.  Oh boy was it hot, but it all turned out!  I put the boys in charge and only occasionally went out to check on them.  They did awesome!  I liked seeing them work together.

When all was said and done – nearly every cookie, most of the soda, hundreds of mini candy bars and A LOT of toys were gone – YAY!  It was successful – each boy earning around $30.  Worked out well for everyone!



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