« the sister «


This four year old daughter of mine is something else!
She may be the child who looks the most like me, but she certainly has a different personality.  In fact if I had to pick someone she takes after, I would say her Grandma McNamee.

Audra is one of the most friendly children I know.  Wherever we go – the park, swimming, baseball games, vacation, etc. she makes friends.  She is just a natural at it.  I don’t even know how she does it.  I’ve watched her and it just seems she knows what to say to another kid and then they instantly want to play with her.  It is an amazing quality and I truly admire it in her.  Her Grandma is also just like this!

She is also not shy.  She will talk to anyone!  A few weeks ago our super good friends moved 😦 and we knew the family moving in had a daughter Audra’s age.  Audra somehow figured it out in her head that since Amanda had moved that meant the next day the new people must be there, so she marched herself over there and asked if they had any kids she could play with.  She has since been over many times and is happy to have another friend in the neighborhood!

She is a serious chatty Cathy!  Seriously, the girl never shuts up.  I don’t even know what she is talking about ALL OF THE TIME, but she is.  At one of Logan’s baseball practices I had the other 3 kids on the playground.  Conner and I were sitting to the side watching Audra & Eli.  Of course Audra had already made 2 friends and they were running around playing.  It was then that Conner pointed out she hadn’t stopped talking since we got there.  He decided he was going to count every time she stopped talking to see if she could be quiet for 10 seconds.  She never made it to 10!  That’s my girl!!
But it’s not always an annoying thing.  Our next door neighbor have a 5 year old down syndrome son.  He’s absolutely adorable but doesn’t have much language.  One day Audra saw him outside and went over to play.  They have since become good little buddies!  My neighbor loves that Audra will play with him because she says Audra is SO nice to him (when other kids aren’t) and she is the right amount of bossy (where other kids are mean).  The main reason she likes it is because Audra talks so well and so much.  She says it is so good for her son to hear another child talking, so she welcomes Audra whenever!!

She really is an adorable thing and I feel blessed to have such a positive and happy personality in our family – I think we can all learn from her.  Plus she’s carrying on the Melody McNamee attributes.


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