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last huddle as a team

Here’s the scoop.  From the time I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a mom.  For the most part I absolutely love my role as mom.  There are some really, really hard days (yesterday) and then there are a few moments scattered in where I feel overwhelmingly blessed and grateful.  I’ve been doing the mom thing full-time for 11 1/2 years and so it has literally transformed my life which is awesome!
Occasionally something happens which transforms me even more.
I did not grow up in a big sports family, and neither did Dave.  Being not very athletic ourselves we didn’t think kids playing sports was in our future.  Over the years, we’ve sat through countless soccer, basketball, baseball games and they’ve been great fun.  I’ve never really felt any sort of competition towards the games . . . . . and then Logan made this all-star team.  The competitive level went up a notch and the games were fun to watch.  We made it through the first tournament.  This week the bracket tournament started.  Monday night they played the most amazing team from SLC.  Seriously they were like major league baseball players in children’s bodies (needless to say, we lost).  The second game was Tuesday afternoon and it was by far the most intense game I have sat through.  I told the mom I was sitting by I may have to go sit in the car because I might explode :-).  And it wasn’t just me, you could feel all the players and coaches were super anxious.  We wanted this WIN so badly.

The team we played was very evenly matched to ours so we ended up tied.  16-16.  The other team was up to bat and just needed one run to win.  Unfortunately, we handed them the game.

It was a bit devastating, but okay because we lost after a great inning so at least they could feel good about that.

I had no idea I would get so wrapped up in this whole baseball thing.  I loved being out there on the field.  It wasn’t about winning to me, it was about the kids feeling confident in their knowledge and ability to play baseball; and then working together as a team.

I’ll probably be fine if no one decides to play another game again, but I don’t know….I might need the adrenaline rush now and again.


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