« the 4th «

When you go camping for 3 days with 4 kids and come home on the afternoon of the 4th of July, the expectations of the exciting evening greatly diminish.  We had big plans of attending our huge neighborhood BBQ and fireworks.  After unloading the car in 97˚, getting everyone in the shower, doing laundry, and trying to squeeze in naps it was all we could do to have breakfast for dinner and do a small bag of fireworks at 7:30 (in the sunlight) and then tuck everyone in bed.

It was so awesome to have Dave home all week and of course our camping trip was the big highlight.  It’s nice that our kids aren’t really old enough to realize what they missed out on (big fireworks).  They had a great time dancing in smoke.

dancing smokeLogan FINALLY warmed up to doing sparklers and then didn’t want to stop.  Conner became the official firework lighter and did the best job!  Eli plopped himself in the cooler along with his vroom-vroom to enjoy the show.  And Dave’s supply of bottle rockets seem to multiply every year which seems impossible since he bought them like 10 years ago and sets off tons every year!


Thank goodness we still have the 24th to really celebrate.


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