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So this really strange thing happened:  two very non-athletic parents somehow managed a somewhat athletic child: Logan.
Conner had his go at sports, but it’s just not his thing and that is TOTALLY fine and great!  We had to give Logan the opportunity, but really had very low expectations.  He’s actually pretty good and really likes playing a variety of sports.
At the end of baseball season, he was invited to try out for the all-star team and made it.  We just finished up our first tournament.  Unfortunately, they lost 3 of 4 games.  Tonight’s game was so close…..they played SO well, but just didn’t pull out a win.  Logan has improved so much and I think I might just be turning into a sport’s mom.  I get so stressed watching him.  My family made fun of me on Saturday saying I was cheering too loudly :-).  I think I just build up so much stress anticipating him up to bat, that when he finally hits it I just release the pressure!  I don’t care if I’m too loud, I want him to know I’m there for him and excited to watch him play.

I’m so glad we decided to do this all-star business.  It’s been a lot of practices and a lot of time in the heat watching games, but I like the seriousness of it.  I think Logan can feel that and he’s really getting into the game!

Like Dave said, this may be the only time we see “McNamee” on a jersey but we are enjoying every second of it!



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