« egg armor «

Last week for FHE we talked about the Armor of God!
We started by creating a carrier for an egg that could be dropped 10 feet without breaking.
We had some random items to use:  plastic cups, straws, rubber bands, and kleenex.

We spent lots of time talking about everyone’s ideas and then making them happen.
Soon enough it was time for the big drop…….

and . . . . .

it didn’t go so well!  Oops!

It’s okay, everyone got the message and had fun!  And we may have to try it again until we get it right :-).

Plus root beer cones and new bike wheels afterwards were the real highlight of the night!



One thought on “« egg armor «

  1. How fun! Kajsia’s whole 5th grade did an egg drop one of the last days of school. It was very interesting to see what kids came up with to try and protect their egg. Kajsia carved out a spot for her egg in the green flower foam stuff and then put it in a box. It worked for her. They dropped them from the top of the school.

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