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Summer with 4 kids is hard.  Summer with 2 kids who still nap and 2 kids who don’t, is hard.  Having kids home all day is hard (I am getting nothing done because I can’t ever leave – there are always kids and friends and naps to deal with).  We also don’t have a big family vacation planned — 2014 is the year of Dave & Amber traveling so the kids will just have to wait till next year.

However, I am determined to make this a fun Summer for them.  I, for the most part, enjoy not having a schedule.  Logan and Audra have been sleeping in so Conner and I, or Conner, Eli and I get to have lots of alone play time.  And because I didn’t enroll the kids in any activities we have the freedom to go play.  I’ve made it my goal to do one fun thing a week together with them.  That sounds dumb, like I only want to do ONE thing with them.  We do fun things together, but I’d like to do one thing that is a little out of the ordinary.  So far we have:
– Week 1:  St. George
– Week 2:  4.5 mile bike ride to get crickets at the pet store (not sure everyone would agree that was fun, but I loved, loved seeing the Conner and Logan pedaling and pushing ahead).
– Week 3:  Hogle Zoo.  Early last week brought some pretty severe weather – like 48 for a high and pouring rain ALL DAY!  That was definitely NOT fun.  Before the temperature jumped back up I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy an outdoor activity.  Originally I thought it might be too chilly, but it turned out to be the perfect day at the zoo!  Eli was the highlight — he got so excited seeing all the animals.  He does this big gasp thing when he’s excited, and he did his fair share of those that day!!

I’m realizing how short Summer really is so am anxious to do as many fun things as we can!  Luckily, the kids are not dependent on me for fun.  Oh no, I rarely see them . . . . they are all out and about mostly with friends.  Conner has quite the little posse who as of late have been collecting snails.  They spent 2 days scouring the neighborhood for snails, then proceeded to hot glue bottle caps to their shells (snail armor).  They then tried selling said snails – you can imagine how that went :-).  They did set up a lemonade stand on the corner where they were resurfacing the road, so Conner made quite a bit of dough off of the workers.  And then there’s night games.  At about 6:00 every night the doorbell rings, it’s the signal games are starting.  And they go well into the dark.  So grateful for all these friends because his best little friend is moving this week :-(.

Audra has been attending Busy Bee Day Camp 2 days a week (a 2 hour  camp put on by some local neighborhood girls) which she LOVES!!  And has recently joined the masses in becoming addicted to Candy Crush.  She doesn’t know how to play but somehow manages to move through the levels.

Logan (and Conner) started piano!  He had his first ever lesson and was smiling from ear to ear when he got home – he was so excited to play a song.  Hope he keeps up the enthusiasm!!  He’s also had swimming every day and is the cutest thing riding his bike up the street to lessons!  He is sometimes lucky enough to join in with Conner’s friends (if Conner allows it) but also has a # of buddies just out the door.  As sad as Conner is that his friend is moving, there is a boy Logan’s age moving in so I guess we’re even.

I don’t think they’re complaining about the fun of the season, but we’ll keep up the family summer fun!


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