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From this:

To this:


Which resulted in this:


And then to this:


I helped a little with this:


Moving along to this:


And FINALLY to the amazing finished product, brought to you by my dad, Josh, Casey, Ty, two next door neighbor teenage boys, neighbor trucks/trailers, and last BUT NOT least, Dave!!  I cannot believe how much time, effort, planning, work, more time, more effort he spent on this project.  This is a classic example of not believing everything you read on the internet.  It seems that all we read online simply stated:  dig a hole, attach a retaining wall, lower tramp and jump.  Uhm……just digging the hole was a HUGE project let alone all the other steps along the way.  This was definitely bigger than we anticipated, but are SO happy with the result and seeing the kids LOVING it.  From the moment it was allowed, they were jumping and didn’t stop until bed!  I can say it was worth it, but am not sure Dave would agree (just yet).



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