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Someone (my dad) turned the big 6-0 in late May.  And since you only turn 60 once, we decided we had better pull out all the stops:
– rent a large house in St. George (good job Mom)
– make sure everyone in the family could be there (except Lisa and brand new baby Hazel)
– plan food
– plan activities (especially golfing for the golf enthusiast)
– oh, and don’t say anything to dad about it for months

SUCCESS!  He was totally, utterly, and completely surprised! {looks a little stunned here as he pieces it all together}


We had the best first week out of school together as a family.  It was hot, oh so hot, so thank goodness for the pool!!  We had plans of doing hikes, fishing, other sites, but the pool turned out to be all we needed.


The house we stayed at was amazing.  The covered patio and backyard area were perfect for hanging out as a BIG group.  We had incredible food – including dad’s favorite carrot cake, complete with 60 candles.

cake collage

Played games.  Learned all about our personalities :).  And right now, we’re all wishing we were back there . . . .

So grateful for seriuosly the world’s best dad!  As we read all about his personality, it simply stated what we already knew:  he is a loving guy who thrives on service and being together with family! We also knew he would greatly appreciate this surprise and oh boy did he!  Not sure how we are ever going to top this birthday.  What a great start to summer!


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