« nummy «

Conner’s bearded dragon is named Hobbes, but Eli lovingly refers to him as Nummy.  We’re not sure why, but he begs to go see Nummy all the time.  In fact he is so attached to this lizard that we can get him to do just about anything if we use the lizard as bait:  “we can go see the lizard after you eat your dinner all gone”, “after we change your diaper we can go see Nummy.”  Works like a charm.  He gets so excited seeing him move around in his cage and loves it even more when Conner gets him out.

I think we are all growing more comfortable with this creepy looking thing.  Turns out he has a sweet personality and loves being part of the family.  Plus he’s finished shedding so that makes me happy (no more lizard skin everywhere).  Conner is a fantastic lizard owner.  He prepares Hobbes food before heading off to school – usually peas, beans, zucchini, or lettuces.  And loves feeding him crickets and worms once a week (gross).  Also he and his friends adore playing with Hobbes and taking him outside.
I’m not sure I’ll ever be up for holding him, but am glad Conner finds such joy in having Hobbes around.



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