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To complete our week, backwards, I will end with Memorial Day.
This year because of Dave’s travel schedule and he and I travelling and some undone projects we did not spend the day with my extended Tanner family.  We were able to sneak away to the park for a picnic and the kids had a heyday in the freezing cold creek.  Audra ended up getting soaking wet and loved every second of it.  It was a lovely family outing.
memorial day1

And since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, I decided some new haircuts were in order.  Have I mentioned that I taught myself how to cut my boy’s hair?  Seriously one of the scariest and most rewarding things I’ve done.  There have a been a few mistakes along the way, but I think I’m pretty good and I enjoy learning to do new things as a mom.  Even though Audra definitely does not need her hair cut, I read somewhere that cutting even a small amount off will help the hair to grow.  I know, I don’t get it either but decided it was worth a shot.  Plus her hair had a few extra long stragglers that I wanted to even out.  She loved finally getting to participate in the hair cutting.  And Little E begged to participate.  Yeah, that lasted like 30 seconds so thank goodness his hair is curly and you can’t tell :-).
memorial day 2

New haircuts, two working arms, and a huge hole in the backyard —- yep it’s time for Summer!


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