« batter up «

Logan participated in coach/machine pitch baseball this Spring.  He was put a team where most of the other boys were quite a bit younger than him.  At first I was bugged about this, but quickly realized it would provide him with the opportunity of feeling like the “star player.”  Turns out it didn’t matter what age the kids were, this kid loves playing baseball and is pretty darn good at it.  When he’s not at a game or practice, he loves to have any and everyone play catch with him or pitch to him so he can bat.  {I have to admit that I’ve come a long way in the pitching game – I used to be horrible and am getting better}

The season is just about over, but he was invited to try-out for the All Star team.  He didn’t really understand what the try-out meant but sure had a great time participating and that’s all that matters.  Conner has never really been into sports, so it’s fun to see  Logan truly enjoy it and want to get better.
Turns out he made the team {YAY}, so we will get to spend more of our summer in the blazing heat cheering on our champ!



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