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Before Summer could officially start, school had to officially end.  And it did on Friday!

It was officially Conner’s last day at Reading Elementary.  He will be attending the Spectrum program next year at another local elementary school.  He’s nervous, but very excited about being in a learning environment which will push him and meet the level of his incredible brain (which did not come from his mama).

It was also the day that I took Conner to the doc to see about his arm.  Thursday night brought a lot of tears as he was very worried the doc was going to say a cast was needed.  Conner had been experiencing some pain that day and so of course fear set in.  I felt impressed to ask Dave to give him a blessing.  Dave said if he was going to do it, he was going to do it right so he called a neighbor and who was more than willing to quickly come over and participate.  During the blessing, I felt dread.  I was not letting the spirit in, just my own fear that Conner would need a cast.  It was a beautiful blessing in which Dave promised Conner his arm would be healed and he would not need a cast. Afterwards Dave said that saying that was a true test of faith – he was afraid to say it even though he knew it to be true.

So right after school we headed to the doc where it was confirmed that he would not need a cast.  Conner still can’t straighten his arm all the way or bend it completely, but the doctor said he was worried about losing more mobility by casting for 4 weeks.  Conner is supposed to get back into the habit of using his left arm and see how it goes, if the pain becomes worse then back to the doc we go.  He’s so cute holding his arm even though it’s not splinted anymore.  He’s slowly using it more and more and we are all beyond thrilled that a cast was not needed!

I am grateful for the reminder of the power of the priesthood.  What a huge blessing in my life.  I am also blessed to live with a man who remains worthy to hold the priesthood and support our family with this power.

We have a huge hole in the backyard and two working arms, I’d say it’s time for Summer!


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