« jet lag «

A week ago I was in England!  Can’t believe it actually.  I had been picked up at the airport by Nate & Tasha and spent the day with Tasha in the beautiful countryside of England.  We shopped, talked, ate amazing food and had a great time together.

I have a lot to share about this incredible trip, but holy cow has the jet lag hit me!  I’m barely hanging in there today so I’ll get to it soon.

One of the best parts of being away for a week, was forgetting I was a mom :-).  I got reminded quickly…….20 minutes before Dave and I walked in the door Monday night, Conner had fallen off the swing set.  The whole time we were gone, he had been working on a new trick which involves climbing to the top of the swing set and then making his way to the other side to come down.  I guess this particular time, on his descent his foot got snagged in one of the swings and he ended up landing on his back and left arm.

When we walked in he was holding his arm, but we all determined it was fine.  He could straighten in, put pressure on it, there was no visible sign of anything.  We sent him to bed thinking all would be well in the morning.  We were wrong.  Apparently, he hadn’t slept all night because of the pain.  He couldn’t eat breakfast because of the pain.  He couldn’t really do anything because of the pain. He could no longer straighten it.  After consulting with my nurse friend, I decided to take him to the doctor (this meant I had to miss Audra’s preschool play, but sometimes with kids you have to pick and choose).  The doc looked at it and sent us to the hospital for x-rays, then back to the doc.  Turns out he has a small fracture in the elbow of his dominant arm – the left one.  The doc got him all arranged in a splint and an appointment was made for Friday to apply the cast which he would wear for 4 weeks.  4 weeks of SUMMER – major bummer!!  I had to rearrange his swimming lessons and knew he was going to miserable until he could use his arm.  Then last night the doc called and said he’d been thinking about Conner all day.  He’d gone over his x-rays and done some research. He was calling to ask my opinion on leaving Conner in the splint for 10 days and then re-evaluating.  They have seen success with this particular kind of fracture and not casting.  Wahoo!  I jumped on the possibility of not having my 11 year old’s summer ruined.  So we’ll go back in late next week and cross our fingers that this method worked!!

And just like that, I’m back to motherhood…….vacations are the best and truly help make this job of mine more enjoyable!


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