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Today we celebrate our fourth 2nd birthday!
Mr. E is the big T-W-O!!  Oh boy.
This birthday also happens to commemorate the longest that I haven’t been pregnant since Conner.  In other words, I have been pregnant on everyone else’s 2nd birthday until now – woowoo!!
Since Little E is turning 2 and has absolutely no idea what is going on, we moved the festivities to Saturday.  That way Dave could participate (he’s in London), and I could give it the attention it required (I’m a crazy chicken trying to get ready to go).  It all worked out because it was exactly 2 years ago on Saturday that he was born – the day before Mother’s Day.
I wasn’t planning to do anything extra special, until I remembered that Eli LOVES, LOVES, LOVES “Bubble Guppies.”  So I whipped up some “Bubble Guppy” cupcakes and he was a very happy camper!
cake collage
Also, since he’s the fourth, I knew we needed NO new toys.  We just got him a few things and he loves them all.  He was so cute about opening his presents.  He kept taking one from the pile and giving it someone else…..he’s so giving, he didn’t realize it was HIS turn to open and enjoy :-).
gifts collage

Eli is a little sunshine in our house.  He is the best smiler.  His middle name is Trouble, because he is constantly looking for ways to make trouble – some of his favorites include climbing up on the bathroom stool and playing in the sink (we’ve learned the bathroom door has to be closed at all times), and he has also learned how to maneuver the kitchen stool to wherever he thinks he needs to go.  He keeps us on our toes for sure.  He gives the sloppiest kisses that we all LOVE!  He is a real people person and loves to interact with others – he’d rather do that than just about anything else.  He is very, very smart; although he doesn’t speak as well as he should, he still communicates what he needs and is a great listener and follower (the kids like to use this to their advantage).  He loves to be outside and would play at the sand table all day if he could, he doesn’t care what the temperature is. He is very particular –about what he eats, what he is doing, who is by him, etc.  This characteristic should make the next year really exciting!

Here’s to a year of new words, potty-training, and learning to tolerate :-)!  Oh boy should be fun!


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