My job

Today is/was Mother’s Day.
My opinion: it should be on a Saturday :). Maybe next year.
This year we celebrated with my family last week, then today my mom and I were husbandless so we got together for dinner.
Overall it was a very nice day. I really, really enjoyed the lessons in church ( nothing to do with moms), as well as the talks (about moms). I felt edified and uplifted. To top it off, my kids had made some me wonderful treasures. The best of which was this video. Featuring MY cuties, created by my amazing husband!

Mother’s Day 2014

Being a mom is my entire life. I love it! I learn and grow everyday. I am pushed to my limits and appreciate my Heavenly Father’s inspiration and love as I figure it all out. My job is made easier because I am surrounded by so many talented mothers – their examples are some of my greatest treasures.


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