« the dancerina «

Today was Audra’s 4th dance recital and it was perhaps the best one yet!
She is just getting better and cuter all the time.
Most of the girls in her class just stood there taking in the crowd, lights and thrill . . . not Audge, she was a dancer with a dance to complete!  It was pretty stinkin adorable.  My favorite part:  After it was all over the stage turns into chaos.  The girls are trying to get their present from their teacher, parents are trying to find their daughters and their dance shoes, daughters are trying to find their parents . . . yeah it’s chaos.  Dave agreed to go get Audra, so I sat back and waited for them.  As I looked up there was my little cutie continuing to dance around, as if nothing else was going on around her!

This year the theme was “Dancing through the Decades” and her age group was the 40’s – the cutest in my opinion!

It was thrilling to see her up there having a great time! And so great to have all the grandparents support:  G&G Tanner came to the show, G&G McNamee got to enjoy the video footage I took and then FaceTime with Audra!  So blessed!


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