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We got to have Chloe over to play.  Her and Eli are 9 months apart and are both entering the phase where they want all the attention and don’t want to share.  Eli is especially bossy and mean to her.  We’re working on it, but man oh man is he a little pill.

However, they both also love “Bubble Guppies.”  I sat them in front of the TV while I went upstairs to get ready.  I kept sneaking down to check on them and it was silent – they were into the show.  A few minutes later I came down again.  One of them had gotten the remote and changed the channel to the Home Shopping Network.  They were both glued to the TV – it was hilarious!

I also realized they were matching and decided we needed to do a little photo shoot ….. they did not seem to think that was a good idea!

cuz collage


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