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How is it May already?  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and the weeks to come will only be bus-bus-busier!!
We were able to attend the Regional Conference in the Conference Center.  We debated embarking on this adventure:  driving to downtown SLC, parking, walking to the Conference Center, sitting for 2 hours, walking back to the car, driving home, etc.  So glad we did!  Even Audra knew we were where we watch Conference on TV.  The boys loved the largeness of the building and being in the presence of an apostle, and Eli did reasonably well.  Sometimes adventures are worth it.


It would seem that ALL the April showers did bring May flowers!  We have been able to get out in the yard and get going on lots of projects!  One of them is quite BIG, but step 1 involved buying a “good” trampoline.  I didn’t know there were such differences in trampolines, but Dave did and was determined to spend $$ on a good one!  The kids love it!  They have spent nearly every waking moment outside jumping.  Excited about the next step.
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Also, loved getting my yard in order.  Ooohh, it felt so good to get things cleaned up, planted and looking like Springtime!  All this needed to get done, because this week will be spent in preparation.  The next week involves some pretty exciting stuff:  Conner’s pioneer trek to the local park, Logan’s field trip the farm, Conner’s field trip to Timpanogos Cave, Audra’s dance recital and a little jaunt to London, England.  Good times to come and lots to do…….


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