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Since we’ve lived in this house, we’ve used the smallest bedroom as the nursery.  We used it for Logan and for Audra.  It is a cute room and Audra’s pink girly stuff looked really nice in it so when I was pregnant with Eli I decided we would leave Audra in there and put Eli in the larger room.  I kind of always regretted that decision and the regret kept growing the older and bigger Audra got.  It really started getting to me in the last few months when Audra and her friends would be in there playing and they were literally on top of each other.

One day I woke up and decided I couldn’t take it anymore.  I started swapping their closets, then started moving the furniture I could, and by the time Dave got home the rooms were swapped except for a few pieces of furniture.  Boom!  I felt so much better!!

That also allowed me to check another project off my list:  painting Audra’s bed!  We inherited Audra’s bed from my parents.  It is a really cute, very old, wood spindle bed and I always knew I wanted to paint it.  So, I did!

I’m pretty happy with the finished results.  We still have lots of finishing touches to work on, but Audra has so much more room and her and Eli spend hours in there playing most days.





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