« and we’re done «

Focusing on Conner this week wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his cub scouting career.  Which, as of yesterday, is officially over!!!  YAY! No more pack meetings for 2 years (did I just say that out loud) :-)!

Last night he earned his Arrow of Light!  I’m so proud of him.  He worked really hard to make sure he was done in time.  He’s always been a diligent and focused cub scout.

He’s very excited to start in 11-year-old scouts, maybe because his dad is his leader.  Woo-woo!!  Dave had to fight hard to maintain this calling that he’s had for 2 1/2 years.  He pretty much told the bishopric not to touch him knowing Conner was coming in.  We have it on good authority they were considering him for Elders Quorum President, but he managed to sneak by unscathed and now he gets to share all the scouting goodness with Conner (and all those other obnoxious 11 year olds).

We’re done with the blue shirt – here we go again – Boy Scout time!


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