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Our first 11th birthday was a success!
Conner’s smile was a mile wide all day, and he was so gracious.
He got waffles and strawberries for breakfast, then I checked him out for lunch and we visited the brand new Chick Fil A.  After school he got to play with friends and his FAVORITE gift.  He devoured his favorite dinner – nacho casserole, opened a few more presents and ended the day at FIIZ with a lime rickey.  It was a great day for an ever greater kid.

So, let’s talk about this FAVORITE gift . . . . . drumroll please!

All Conner wanted for his birthday was a bearded dragon.
So, our family has grown and we are the newest owners to a 3 year old male bearded dragon.  Because of Dave’s work travel, we surprised Conner with him on Saturday and he officially named him Hobbes (in case you’ve forgotten, Conner’s last pet his beta fish, was named Calvin so this is appropriate).

Seeing Conner’s sheer enthusiasm about this pet makes it worth how gross I think it is.  It’s growing on me, but I’m still not a fan of having a reptile in my house.  We’ve had some exciting moments with him as we figure out how to care for him and I think he’s starting to warm up to our family.  Audra loves, loves him.  Logan prefers him to be in his cage.  Eli, surprisingly doesn’t mind him.  Conner and his posse spend their afternoons playing with the thing, which is good because Conner needed to get over his initial apprehension in handling him.  He’s got one friend who also has a bearded dragon and is a sort of expert so he’s been super helpful. And I am learning and growing.  I’ve spent more time reading about bearded dragons than I’d care to admit — want to make sure we’re doing it all right.  I even purchased live crickets and brought them into my house — turns out this is going to be a weekly event (gross).  Still not my first choice when it comes to pets, but I have 3 boys so I’m just getting warmed up for the future.

Pretty sure this will go down as a memorable birthday!

And how did this adorable little guy, grow up to be such a stud?


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