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Today is the big day!
The day that 11 years ago changed my life, my role, and my purpose in life.
The day that I had waited for for years.
The day that I will never, ever forget.
It was the day that Conner James was born!!!

Today we get to celebrate him and all of his amazingness.
Conner is the oldest of four and with that I feel a special bond, also being the oldest of four.  Having said that, we are also VERY different in our oldest roles.  Obviously, I’m a girl and he’s a boy so I think I feel a bit more of a sense of responsibility.  I think his will come with time.  He is {usually} a very, very good brother.  Just like last night at Logan’s baseball game.  Dave is out of town and it was freezing – hurricane force winds, rain, etc.  We were lucky enough to find a parking spot right by the field where we could see everything which meant I didn’t have to drag everyone out in the cold.  Audra, the ever friendly positive gal, just had to get out and cheer Logan on.  So she sat out on the bleachers wrapped in her blanket the whole game.  Conner jumped out of the car occasionally to check on her and Logan, even running Logan to the bathroom and taking him a blanket in the dugout.  He also took some pix for me!
bball collage

I think deep down inside he really enjoys spending time with and playing with his siblings, but he’s got that 11 year old mentality that gets in the way.  I love finding him playing with one of them.  The other night he asked if he could stay up a few minutes late because he and Audra were playing in her room – adorable!!

He is a wonderful kid and I am so happy to have him as my oldest; as the one I get to learn from and right along with.  He’s our guinea pig, but I know exactly how he feels and now understand that is just the way life is as the oldest.  I’ve got a lot of empathy for him and am grateful for that bond we share!

Happy Birthday Conman, Tartar, Con Bon, Tutter, Tartar Sauce, Conner Bonner, Corner, Tart, Tut!!


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