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Conner turns the big 11 this week and so all posts will be about him.
Last week was a very busy week for our little 5th grader.  His State Float was due.  You all remember the 5th grade and doing a state report.  Times have changed, and rather than doing a full on big report Conner had to create a shoebox size float to display on his state of Maine.  He also had to create a brochure.  Both of these he did very well, but not without a lot of hard work and mess (and help from the parents).

His float went through many revisions, but the end product was pretty cool – complete with a turning evergreen.

Last week, Conner also had “mock trials.”  His class had 3 different trials that they were part of.  Conner was a witness to a telephone harassment case.  He did awesome!  And we, the parents & other classes, were the jury and determined the defendant was in fact guilty of telephone harassment.  He memorized his part and I appreciate them learning about these processes at a young age.

Conner is a phenomenal student.  He reads on a 12th grade level.  He loves creating and designing things.  He  gets excited about figuring things out when it comes to math and science.  We don’t really have to help him with schoolwork, which is nice.  What he does need help with:  making sure he does what he’s supposed to do and staying organized.  It’s coming, but it’s definitely a challenge for him.  I appreciate his incredible mind so much and find myself in awe of him quite often!


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