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So, we just finished up the big Easter weekend. I had big plans.  It was also the weekend before Conner’s birthday so we had some stuff in the works for that as well . . . . and then Friday night brought with it the dreaded stomach bug.  Again.  This time to me!!  So far Eli & Dave are the only ones to escape this yuckiness (fingers crossed). After spending all day Saturday in bed (or near the bathroom – TMI), I was on the mend.  And I, of course, missed all the fun stuff:  Easter baskets and the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning.  Dave was single-parenting and I don’t know if he captured any photos but I got to hear all about fun from the kiddos.  I think the Easter Bunny did a pretty good job this year!
Despite the lateness of Easter this year, I managed to not do one thing.  I never brought out the decorations and we didn’t even dye any eggs, which means we didn’t hold the egg olympics.  No one really noticed, but I will get on my game next year.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  It is a tradition for us to take a family photo, but since I was not quite 100%, we went with a quick kid photo shoot.

That is the best one.  Don’t believe me.  Just take a lookie:
easter collage

And then we finished the weekend off with a family picnic to celebrate Conner’s birthday! More to come on that.
But he did get his cake, which was lovingly frosted and decorated by Ali.  This event could not have happened without a lot of help….thanks to all who stepped in and made it awesome!
bday collage1


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