« foto friday: Audra edition «

Our little point & shoot camera is now officially the favorite toy of everyone under the age of 7.
Occasionally I’ll hook it up to the computer and see what goodies we’ve got on there.

Here is what I found taken by our little princess!

audra collage

And she really is a princess.  Oh boy this week she has acted as if she rules the world.  She got the stomach bug that Conner had last week and so she hasn’t felt well, but  that certainly has not justified much of her behavior.  She likes to complain about everything – how her pants feel on her legs, or how something smells, or how she doesn’t like what’s for lunch/dinner, and my personal favorite: that her school bag is twisted.   She is a fantastic whiner.

Having said all that, she is also adorable.  She had a big change this week: a new room, and was so incredibly cute about it!  She is fun to play with and is so friendly.  She has recently decided that she wants to walk into dance class alone, rather than having me walk her from the car to her teacher’s door.  I love to sit and watch her go in.  This week she was really taking her time, looking at everything on the ground as she went.  When she got to the steps, she turned because another girl was approaching with her mom, and she said HI and smile at them!  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She is so friendly!  Everyday in Las Vegas, she made a new friend/s at the pool.  Even the boys were commenting on how many friends she had.  She’s got a twinkle in her eye and we love having her in our family.


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