« that mommy moment «

IMG_3361-1I was recently cleaning out the shoe basket, taking out the winter shoes and making room for the slip-ons and flip-flops.  At the very bottom, I found Audra’s blue boots.  I knew I needed to take a picture so I could be reminded that :

1 – I should never break down and spend way more than I normally would on shoes just because they’re cute

2 – That there are going to be moments, lots of moments, when as a mom I am going to be SUPER frustrated (maybe downright upset) at something my children do.
Case in point:  Audra riding the wiggle cars outside wearing these boots.  She uses her toes to brake on these devices and so we can see the damage.

3 – I should stop being surprised that it takes 2-3 times of saying something before they listen.
Case in point:  Even after she saw how upset I was over her boots  . . . . a few weeks later, she went back outside in another pair of shoes (ones I loved and would never let her play in) and they incurred the same damage.  You better believe that now she knows which shoes she can wear to ride her helicopters (as she calls them) :-).

Oh, and if anyone knows of some magical way to fix those believe boots I’ll try anything although I’ve already accepted that they are “camping shoes.”


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