« conference weekend «

Two of my favorite weekends of the year:  Conference weekend.

It means no getting up early, no getting ready for church (or at all for that matter), and yummy breakfasts!

I love being home with my family and hearing from the inspired leaders of our church.  I feel like I have been VERY inspired this weekend.  Since I had recently studied the topic of Virtue and all that that involves (which is a lot), I’ve had it on my mind and noticed many mentions to it in the conference talks.  I also noticed the urges to be courageous, to be ready to stand for what is right.  To not be ashamed to be a member of this true church.  I feel very strongly that now is the time to separate from this world, to focus more on true happiness through serving others and to teach my children what is truly important and right.  I feel that this is where real “success” will come from — not from where I live, what I have, etc.  Like I said, leave the world behind and form a piece of heaven here in my home and family.

We attempted to do a kid-friendly craft…..haha. Definitely NOT kid-friendly.  Messy and complicated so it ended up being Dave and I who worked on it — can’t wait to see the finished product.

conf craft


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