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Here’s how it went down. Spring Break 2014, that is.
Thursday after school, we headed to downtown SLC to pick up Dave.  He, and the rest of us, survived the big conference.
Then it was in the car for hours.  Dinnertime landed us in Fillmore.  We usually hit up the Costa Vida/Burger King joint (something for everyone), but this time decided to ditch the crowds and tried a local favorite.  Now one of our favorites.  Just a little drive-in with the best food ever.  (We liked it so much, we decided to stop there on our way home and we are trying to figure out how to get them featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives).
Our plan was to stop at our home away from home in Hurricane for the night and then head to Vegas first thing Friday morning.  20 minutes from Hurricane, Dave and I got a burr under our saddle and just wanted to keep driving.  We called our hotel and arranged a room, so after a quick pit stop and jammy change, we were on our way.  SO GLAD we decided to push through. Plus it’s fun to be spontaneous, something that doesn’t happen very often with a family of 6.

Friday morning we decided it was time to introduce the children to “sin city.”  After a brief discussion on “sins” and what we might encounter, we were on our way. First we drove the entire BLVD and then parked and walked some of it.  Stopping, of course, at the M&M store.  Definitely a highlight.  And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Vegas…..not nearly as much yuckiness as I remember so I wasn’t having to turn heads too much :-).

Also a highlight was the a.m.a.z.i.n.g Bellagio gardens!  Love that place.
This time it was a butterfly theme, complete with a butterfly house and a flower caterpillar.

The next few days consisted of swimming, swimming, and even more swimming.  The weather was not nearly as warm as I had hoped, but that and the wind did not stop my little fishies from living in the pools.

We  also made a trip to the temple and to Red Rock Canyon to hike around.  So fun (and windy)!
Had lots more time in the pool/lazy river/hot tub.
And even one more minute of spontaneity:  Saturday night we had been out getting a treat north of the strip.  I looked up the Bellagio Fountain schedule and realized we could be driving by it at just the right time.  As we neared the Bellagio there was no show, but because of traffic we were literally stopped.  Since we were there, I really wanted the kids to experience it so I jumped out of the car and got all the kids out.  The plan was for Dave to circle the block and pick us back up.  10 minutes later, still no show and I was worried Dave would be pulling up any second.  I called him and turned around to see him walking down the sidewalk.  He had found a convenient/illegal place to park and decided he had about 10 minutes before getting noticed.  30 seconds later, nature called Logan so Dave took him to the Cosmopolitan (there’s a story) to a bathroom.  30 seconds later the fountain show started.  Awesome!
We were so sad Logan had missed it.  Luckily on our way to the car, another show started so we were all able to enjoy the awesomeness.
Finally, we finished up our adventure at Hoover Dam!

It was a super, super (as Audra says) trip!  And we managed to leave our mark:  Audra has a tendency to cough so hard it causes her to throw-up.  She’d had a cough and decided in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, she would take it to the max – gross!  Then on the last day, Conner came down with a stomach bug and luckily made it to the hotel toilet :-)!  Traveling with 4 kids is never without excitement and bodily functions!

So here is our own little “blooper collage”

{thanks to Elder & Sister McNamee for the use of their incredible timeshare}


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