« the 22 monther «

Eli turns 2 in 2 months.
I know I’ve said this a million times, but this kid is nothing like his siblings.
He has literally thrown us for a loop; just when I have less energy (I’m older and have more kids to take care of) and less time.  He certainly keeps me on my toes and reminds me how fun it is to clean up messes all day :)!
Since before he was born, he’s taught me to relax & trust.  I honestly think he was supposed to come to our family to teach me some very important lessons.
You see his siblings have all been relatively easy-going and developmentally on-time.  Since that is not necessarily the case with Eli, I have had to really slow down and step back and reevaluate my parenting style with him.
I love that I get these opportunities to grow, especially as a parent.

This week I took him to the county Early Intervention.  His pediatrician wanted him checked out before his 24 month appointment since his speech is not progressing at a normal rate.  I was nervous about this appointment and debated for a long time if it was even necessary.  We had a family fast for Eli earlier this month and we have been praying for him every day.  My mommy gut told me nothing was seriously wrong with him, but I also knew I needed to at least have him checked out and know for sure.
It was so great to be there with just him watching him show these 3 ladies what he knows.  He and I don’t get a lot of one-on-one time and I was so in love with that little man and so proud to be his mama.  He knew a lot more than I was aware of.  And I loved hearing the therapists praise him and tell me how cute and smart he is.
So, my mommy gut was right.  He’s only mildly  delayed so he doesn’t qualify for services.  The speech therapist gave me some great tips to continue working with him.  But the greatest info I walked away with: I need to just relax and trust.  I also need to lower my expectations so he’s not feeling any unnecessary pressure from me.  He’s not his siblings and he will do it when he’s ready and when it’s time for him.  In the meantime I can help him and even spend more one-on-one time with him so we get that connection that I know he craves and needs.
It was a great day to be a mom and to be reminded of my role!


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