« house high «

I think I’ve covered all of the important “highs” and really the spirit I have felt in the last few weeks while really focusing on a certain gospel topic has been the best.  Also seeing my children excel is always the best.  And of course being able to help out family is the bomb.com.  But sometimes it’s also fun to enjoy some less important ‘highs.’

We’ve talked about getting new kitchen appliances for close to a year.  We’ve gone shopping and knew what we wanted.  We finally decided to bite the bullet, and to say I’m happy every time I walk in my kitchen is a major understatement!!  Love, love, love my ginormous fridge.  Love, love, love having double ovens.  Love, love, love having a dishwasher that doesn’t leak.  Yep, my kitchen life has improved and that tends to spill over (no pun intended) into other facets of my life so it’s all good!



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