« family high «

We’ve been in cousinland this week and it’s been the best!
Meg, Ty and the parents decided it would be a good idea to head off to Belize for a little vacay . . . what were they thinking :-)? No, we were glad they were able to get away.  The rest of us stepped in to help out.  Ali & Josh spent their nights with the kiddos and we were lucky enough to add another child to our family during the day:  Kade!  He fit right in and the kids loved having him.  Logan and Kade were pretty glued at the hips until Conner got home from school, then Kade was super excited to see him and Conner was a champ at entertaining his requests.  I even ventured out with all the kids to Costco:  risky, but turned out to be a none-issue thanks to the samples (bless the samples).

We are going through Kade withdrawals now and are so thankful for such a fantastic family!


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