« school high «

Oh man am I on a school high today!
This morning I spent two hours watching Conner compete at the district Constitution Bowl.  The best way to describe it is like a spelling bee, but with questions about the Constitution.  This is a competition just for 5th graders.  They compete on teams of 6; they answer 2 questions at a time; each round has 20 questions; if they lose two rounds they’re out.

Conner’s team lost their first round which was super devastating.  And also served as motivation —- they then won the next 8 rounds.  It was so AWESOME to see Conner buzzing in before the question was completely read and getting so excited when his teammates got the right answer.  He really knows the Constitution in and out now.  Ultimately, they walked away with 5th place out of 32 teams.  That is pretty stinking incredible!!

It was a long two hours for two siblings who got drug along, but they found fun where they could which was good because I just wanted to focus on Conner.  I was so stressed watching him it totally wore me out 🙂 so it was nice that he didn’t have to go back to school and we could just hang out.  What a great kid!!



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