« all my pretty, pretty princesses «

Audra’s favorite game of all time is Pretty, Pretty Princess.  She first played it at her cousin Aelie’s house and insisted on playing it every time we were there.  She also loved playing with all of Aelie’s Little Pony sets, Strawberry Shortcake toys, and Littlest Pet Shop sets.

When Nate and Tasha decided to up and move to England, they knew they needed to purge and wouldn’t be taking very much with them.  We were able to acquire all of these toy sets and game.  We’ve gradually given them to Audra through Christmas and her birthday.  She LOVES them!  She loves telling everyone that they were Aelie’s.  And we love having them because these are sets you can’t find anymore and they are so fun to play with.  Plus we get to think of Aelie often!

Since we have morning church, and the kids are not allowed to play devices or watch certain movies, Sunday afternoon can get long and frustrating.  Audra really wanted to play her game.  After much insistence, I was able to get the boys to agree to play with her.  Surprisingly, they really enjoyed it!!  I loved seeing them playing together and really getting into it.  Luckily are own little princess won!



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