« the hair of it «

The other day Audra came running to me with her hand behind her head holding a clump of hair . . . she was so excited to announce that she had enough hair for a ponytail.  She would not put her arm down until I had found an elastic to use to hold the “pony.”  She is obsessed with this new hairstyle . . . so far I’ve been able to talk her out of wearing it in public :-).  That girl just wants long hair.  We are doing everything we can think of to get it to grow:  she has special hair vitamins, she eats her cauliflower (which I may have told her would make her hair grow), we stimulate her scalp in the bath and we brush her hair every night, so maybe before she’s 5?


Too bad she doesn’t have her dads hair which is like a weed it grows so fast.  It grows so fast and he’s been so busy that he recently grew it out.  He claims this is the longest it has been since I have known him.  We both finally decided it was time to say goodbye to the little flips, the bushiness and the maintenance it required.  It was fun while it lasted.


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