« meet the President «

Conner’s in 5th grade which means Presidents of the United States reports.
There are 44 Presidents and 31 students in Conner’s class, and we were lucky enough to have him draw Barack Obama {two thumbs down}.  Seriously?  I was less than thrilled, but put my game face on and helped him with this stellar report and poster.

I was able to attend his oral report which entailed having the report memorized and dressing like the president, or first lady.  We didn’t want to take the “painting his face black” route, so instead Dave suggested we dress him in golfing clothes.  In case you were not aware, our dear President has golfed over 160 times in his 5 year term.  I’m not a math expert, but I do know how long it takes to play a round of golf and so seems like he’s been awfully productive . . . . .

President aside, Conner did a great job!  He was smiley and engaged during his report and really impressed me!



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