« the holiday «

As a family, we have several Valentine’s traditions, none of which we were able to enjoy because the holiday fell on the Friday before the long President’s Day weekend.  It was okay, because we were headed down south to the sun and warmth.

Before pulling out I was lucky {not} enough to participate in Logan’s class party (call me a party pooper, but I really hate class parties).  I pulled out some good old Minute to Win It games, made Valentine’s, and they loved it! {Audra came along as my “helper”}

Then it was time to pack up and head out.  This time we really had to pack up.  You see every other time we have gone to Southern Utah, which is a lot, we’ve had family there to take care of us – feed us, clean up after us, etc.  This time, we had a place to stay (Dave’s parents house) and that was it.  I had to bring everything we would need for four days.  Lots of work, but totally worth it!!  And we definitely missed the family: Dave’s parents serving a mission in New Zealand & Nate’s family living in London.

So our Valentine’s dinner came from Fillmore – Costa Vida & Burger King, and we spent the day in the car!!  I’m not sad we threw the traditions out the window and made the journey, this weekend was very much needed!
IMG_2966-1{my hunk of a Valentine putting up with the ridiculous traffic headed South….seems all of No Utah decided to get away as well}

IMG_2968-1{my sweethearts enjoying the journey – they are the best car-riders}


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