« the 3rd turns 4 «

Up until this year, Audra’s birthday has fallen over President’s Day weekend which means we have been in St. George.  This year it fell on the day after; to keep up with tradition we still headed South (post coming next).  That meant I had a lot to get done before we left and then lots to do the day of her birthday.  I was able to shop and wrap everything and make and freeze her birthday cake before we left – thank goodness.  Then yesterday I just had to frost and decorate the cake, hang the birthday banner, read her the story of her birth and make her requested dinner:  puff pancakes with strawberries!

She was so cute about it being her birthday.  Of course she loved all the attention, but then got tired of people calling and wanting to talk to her:  “why does everyone want to talk to me today?”  She loved, loved her presents.  So much that she didn’t want to stop playing for cake.  The boys eventually convinced her because they were anxious to dive in!  They were also very jealous of her, saying they don’t get that many presents on their birthdays, etc……I guess everybody feels that way when it’s not their special day but they learned a lesson for sure and were mostly excited for her and very helpful in getting all the toys out of their boxes.

The plan was to go ice skating for her birthday activity, but since we didn’t pull in till 10:00 the night before we decided an early bedtime was in order —- we’ll play later in the week.  Overall, it was a great day for her and I loved seeing her genuine excitement at everything.  Her eyes lit up when she saw her cake and got even brighter after seeing the pile of presents.  She loves saying that she is 4 and talking about all the things she can do now!!  I’m just glad to be done with the threes and here’s hoping the fours are a little less dramatic 🙂


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